Zack "Shift" Winston
Wave Rippers Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Chrysler Thunderbolt
Age 24
Status Wave Rippers
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 201 lb
Bandicam 2016-08-23 18-21-01-047

The Chrysler Thunderbolt, Zack's car

Zack "Shift" Winston is a surfer from Hawaii. He's known for driving cars only in manual, even in they are in automatic, and also he's good at getting around tight turns/corners. His car of choice is the Chrysler Thunderbolt, a great car to drift around corners like he rides the waves.


  • Zack placed 18th in the Jungle Leg, and 9th in the Desert Leg.
  • Zack has a fear of automatic transmissions.