The Pontiac Firebird, Ylva's car.

Ylva Tavast
Street Breed Female Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Pontiac Firebird
Age 35
Status Street Breed
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9"
Weight 180 lb

 Born in Norway with a wealthy background, Ylva grew up with a passion for driving as well as a love for her ancestors and the Norse culture.  Her interests include racing, torture,  researching ancient cultures, swordsmanship, and drinking mead.  After seeing a race she decided to become a race car driver.  She was recruited for the Street Breed because Adam, a friend of hers she met in college. The reason Adam recruited her is because he felt she could fit in with the team the most plus he admires her racing skills.


  • Ylva placed 28th in the Jungle Leg, and 15th in the Desert Leg.
  • Ylva's greatest fear is that she could go insane and slaughter anything in her path.