Warren Kessler
Metal Maniacs Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Blvd. Bruiser
Age 30
Status Metal Maniacs
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2"
Weight 204 lb
BlvdBruiser BurntOrange

Blvd. Bruiser, Warren's car

A former mechanic from Williston, North Dakota, Warren always had an interest in automobiles, and more importantly, racing.


Warren's 1968 Mercury Cougar

Warren barely made it through high school, and tried to get into university, but was rejected out every university he tried to get into.

The only career Warren managed to land was working as a mechanic for a crooked boss. After several years of working with this horrible boss, Warren had enough and quit.

A few years or so after quitting, Warren met Neil Mayas, the leader of the Metal Maniacs. Warren was a great addition to the Maniacs due to his experience as a mechanic and the fact that he does not give up, no matter the circumstances.