The World Race is a race that is being held by Dr. Peter Tezla, the founder of the Scrim Corporation. After his prototype failed, his robotic companion Gig recommended to build a "new kind of driver". This Lead Tezla to recruit some of the best drivers from around the world to race in inter dimensional tracks. Tezla eventually called this the "World Race".

Dr. Tezla recruited some of the best drivers from around the world such as, Cadence, Adam "Accel" Carter, Grim Axehandle, CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd and, Thomas "Tri" Schmitt. All of the drivers were told to report to the mysterious Cube in the middle of the California Desert. This ended out to be a safe house for all the drivers. Eventually, the first leg of the World Race started after the drivers learned about their cars. The first leg ended out to be a Volcanic Leg.

The winner of the first leg was CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd. After the first leg the drivers were told by Tezla that they will race as teams for the rest of the World Race. The 5 teams were named "Wave Rippers" "Street Breed" "Roadbeasts" "Dune Ratz" and "Scorchers"