Sophia Cathwel
Acceledrome Crew Female Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Cat-a-pult
Age 34
Status Acceledrome Crew
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9"
Weight 184 lb

Cat-A-Pult, Sophia's Car

She's skillful, frank and crafty. This isn't surprising considering for someone with her ugly past. She was born and grew up in a successful family in an important city, she lived free of worries until she was about 13 years old, but at that point life changed drastically. She killed somebody during an act of terrorism and was becoming an outcast in her city. With a new found love she had to survive in a corrupt city. But with her persistence and skills, she managed to start a new life in the Acceledrome with Tezla After finally turning life around, she now works on helping people. By doing so, she hopes to live a normal life as a scientist andfinally find tranquility she has never had in the Racing Realms to find the answers. She drives her personal vehicle. Cat-A-Pult.