"Your paint scheme is ugly. LET'S MOW THAT!!!!!!!!"

-Tom Ayton, "The Greatest Challenge"


The Jungle Leg is the second track of the World Race. For many this is their first race in the World Race. Alex Hysannes and Agata Adrijan tied for first.


Thomas and Akio were the first two to enter the Jungle Leg. Tom Ayton came in next followed by Ylva and Helen. The rest of the drivers entered soon after. Akio drifted the very hard first corner, but was hit by Tom Ayton. Shortly after Akio was hit by Tom, Cadence was spun out by a very cross Jared Crane.

First Corner

The very tricky first corner.

Jason Walker rockets to third place after he exited the portal, overtaking several drivers with ease. Meanwhile, towards the back, Jake Richards messes up on a drift and Grim is mocks him for it. Mur does a perfect drift as he exits the portal. A few moments later, Flavius, Bomber, and Hephaestus enter the track. Brian tells the two Scorchers that they have no driving talent, in turn the two Scorchers deploy their lava plows and ram him. Gaige enters the track, catches up to his fellow Wave Rippers and spins Cadence out by accident which infuriates him.

Later on Tom Ayton deploys his buzzsaw, and "Mows the lawn" on the side of CJ's car, Krazy 8's. CJ panics, slams on his brakes and does a barrel roll over Carson Ameswill. Alex uses his jump-jets to get over the flipping CJ and continues on, trying to catch up to the current leaders of Thomas, Helen, Ylva and Jason. Back a little ways Cadence is spun out a third time, this time by Crowley and Carl. The Adrijan Siblings drafted each other and were able to catch up towards Adam and Vin. Agata disliked the idea of Vin ramming Adam's rear and spins him out. After Helen and Ylva were ramming each other and then Ylva notices a shortcut and enters it. Alex notices the Shortcut and notifies his team and Gaige follows behind. Most of the leaders ignore the shortcut.

Shortcut entrance

The shortcut entrance.

Meanwhile, on the shortcut, Kusuma notices a mysterious black vehicle on a ledge, overlooking a bridge, he notifies his sister Agata, and tells her he is going to try to contact the mystery driver. Jared also notices the driver, but doesn't do anything. On the main path, Cadence is trying to get revenge on Crowley and Carl.


The mysterious driver on the ledge overlooking the bridge.

The mysterious driver takes out the bridge, and Kusuma is left dangling on the edge. Tom 'helps' and falls off the edge with Kusuma. Daniel Gallo pulls Kusuma up, while Tom pulls himself up. With the bridge out, the whole of the Roadbeasts, Wave Rippers (minus Cadence), Ylva, and CJ are forced to continue along the shortcut.
Bridge out

The bridge collapsing.

Back on the main path, Cadence got his revenge on Carl and Crowley shortly after the bridge collapsed on the shortcut. Cadence then went on to try and catch Thomas, Helen, and Jason.

On the main path there was a wreck that included: Tri, Helen, Jason, Akio, Carl, Crowley, and Vin. Cadence uses his jump jets to hover over the wreck and continue along the track while the other drivers are forced to wait until there is a clear path through.

Not since the last time I played mini golf

The obstacle the drivers on the shortcut have to get through.

Progress has stopped on the shortcut. The drivers are forced to get passed a giant steel fan in order to continue. Thanks to Kusuma, the drivers know when exactly to go and how fast they should be going. Alex is the first to go, with Jared going second and Daniel Gallo going third. Agata went after Daniel, then it was Tom Ayton's turn. He drove straight into the fan at 300 MPH, one of his nitrox tanks broke off and exploded, destroying the fan.


The obstacle the drivers on the shortcu- TOM WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?

Daniel Gallo gets off the shortcut, and accidentally knocks Cadence off the track, Cadence is stuck in mud off to the side of the track, and has to manually dig himself out. The Mud Pit scored more victims such as George Hayden, Kusuma Adrijan and Alex Lar. The end of the track was coming.. Agata and Alex H. are neck and neck. Agata and Alex then hit the portal at the same time, thus tying for first.


1. Alex H./Agata Adrijan

2. Jared Crane

3. Thomas "Tri" Schmitt

4. Akio Averill

5. Jason Walker

6. Seth Bellinger

7. Daniel Gallo

8. Gaige Avant

9. CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd

10. Greg Takayona

11. Noah "Ark" Peterson

12. Carson Ameswill

13. Kusuma Adrijan

14. Adam "Accel" Carter

15. Helen Tremblay

16. Tom Ayton

17. Sebastien Noire

18. Zack "Shift" Winston

19. Sai Yukimara

20. Carl "The Victim" Dane

21. Cadence

22. Flavius Callaway

23. Hephaetus

24. George Hayden

25. Grim Axehandle

26. Sam Peronski

27. Jake Richards

28. Ylva Tavast

29. Brian "Bomber" Hall

30. Murchadh "Mur" Dokke

31. Lin Long

32. Toby "Quiet Lee" Boyle

33. Crowley

34. Alex "Vin" Lar