Jason Walker
Jason Walker2
Jason as a Scorcher
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Red Baron
Age 27
Status Scorchers
Physical attributes
Height 6' 5"
Weight 205 lb
Red Baron

The Red Baron, Jason's car

The mysterious, violent, tattooed terror of the pit lane, where Jason drives destruction is sure to follow. And behold a dark car: and his name that sat within was Jason, and Hell followed him. Known for his variety of tribal body tattoos and his ability to intimidate everyone he comes in contact with.

Like Moses and the Red Sea, crowds part when Jason walks down the pit, and rooms empty when he appears. A glaring, silent presence, nobody can meet his gaze, and nobody can look in his face… He has no friends, nor is there any evidence of family. Seemingly existing purely to race, he lives in a dirty old trailer in which, popular myth would have you believe, he watches endless car crashes to get his kicks.

He feeds off of people’s fear of him, but he has only encountered one racer who refuses to fear him: Jared Crane. Crane's lack of fear for Jason has fueled more than Jason's rivalry with Jared; Jason has become so disturbed by not being feared by Jared, that he feels it’s necessary to bring Crane to his knees and force Jared to fear him.

Nobody knows Jason’s background, and nobody dares ask.

During the World Race, Jason tried to get Jared to fear him. But a sudden epiphany made Jason see that there were other problems to deal with and he backed off.


  • Jason placed 5th in the Jungle Leg, and 11th in the Desert Leg.
  • Jason has had the least amount of speaking lines in the roleplay so far.
  • Jason does not show pain, as seen when he set his arm on fire and not reacting.