Helen Tremblay
Test by cpldixon-da6y9au
Helen as a Scorcher
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Dodge Charger R/T
Age 22
Status Scorchers
Physical attributes
Height 5' 3"
Weight 133 lb
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The Dodge Charger R/T, Helen's car

Helen is normally energetic, which tends to get on a lot of people nerves; including Adam and Brian. Her energy will lead to quick swerves or skidding to sudden halts. Sudden bursts of hotheaded anger can lash out once and a while if the adrenaline she absorbs is too much. Back when she was younger she wanted to try out sports, but her bursts of adrenaline caused her to lose stamina quickly. She needed something that didn't involve rapidly moving limbs, and she tried out driving. She got a 94 on her written test and a 99.5 on the driving test, and began her career of racing. Tri realized she could be a useful member to the team, and recruited her for the World Race.