Ellen Pierce
Acceledrome Crew Female Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Tow Jam
Age 22
Status Acceledrome Crew
Physical attributes
Height 5' 8"
Weight 180 lb

Tow Jam, Ellen's car

Ellen was born in a San Diego and developed a fairly unhealthy obsession with cars even when she was a little girl. So when she started to get older, it became only natural for her to get into racing. Eventually she got her driver's license and then, she took to street racing. During her time, she was a great racer though she neglected and eventually dropped out of college and many of her other activities. It took a while, but she began to climb in the ranks. Eventually taking to less legitimate racing until finally, she had dropped off the map for all but underground racing. This went on for three years until one night she made a mistake. She raced someone in the outskirts, but her steering wheel malfunctioned and as a result, she nearly crashed. She was fine and she recovered in just a few seconds. But she hit a pedestrian putting a 12 year old in the ER and nearly killing him. It was at that point that she decided to quit for good. She left racing, sold her car, and used her winnings to get back into college. It started to work out for her. She finally settled down and started pursuing a degree when she got a message. As much as she wanted to quit, Dr. Peter Tezla had noticed her skills and wanted her in the Acceledrome crew. And with that, she was pulled right back into the thick of things.

Ellen's driving style focuses on power and speed though she does watch out for the turns. She can be a very aggressive driver as well. However, her car is slow and she has agreed to stay near the back so that she could recover any Accelechargers off of drivers that crash. And while she's at it, she might as well save the drivers as well.

Personality wise, Ellen is fairly quiet though she's usually nice unless you either do something crazy or stupid or if you try to insult or contradict her at which point she can be quite stern. She's pretty big on revenge as well and is not above ripping parts of another driver's car out such as the steering wheel before a big race. She herself is a perfectionist trying to get through with as little damage as possible and while Tezla barely cares about the other drivers, she wants to help as many as she can get to the portal and she often calls Tezla out on his willingness to sacrifice the racers. Finally, Ellen is afraid she's going to get addicted to racing again or worse, that she's going to get someone killed. But she doesn't show either of those fears to anyone and frequently tries to rationalize them which is also what she will do if confronted on her past or fears.

Her car is the Tow jam and she never had a normal car during the events of her recruitment. The car is a powerhouse that is durable and fast, but hard to steer or accelerate with.