Darren Mcgrier
Teku Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Vulture
Age 24
Status Teku
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10"
Weight 180 lb
Vulture CrissCross

Vulture, Darren's car

Born in New York city, Darren developed a love for racing even early in his life. He began to study mechanics to learn more of the workings of cars, but he quickly learned his real interest and skill was in driving rather than repairing cars. He got his license as soon as possible and practiced relentlessly. Later Darren pursued a career of racing much to the dismay of both parents. During the time, he became a race car driver and took up street racing in his spare time. By the age of 22, he began working on ways to give himself an edge on the competition. Eventually, he took to becoming a technical racer over a drag racer. By age 23, Darren had become well known both underground and through legitimate racing. A few months later however, he got into a nasty crash just outside the city limits and fell into a coma for three weeks. During the time, his standing fell. Darren tried to reclaim his rank, but he had trouble recovering after the accident. Eventually, he found the Teku and joined them so that he could practice and regain his skills. He succeeded in getting back to and even surpassing his old self just before Dr. Tesla informed the Teku that their services would be needed again.

Darren’s driving style consists of advanced maneuvering and cutting corners rather than top speed. He is a fairly passive driver unless he finds a perfect opportunity to strike. Preferring to use the environment around him and outlast or outpace his opponent.

Personality wise he is friendly, outgoing, and usually supportive outside of racing. He considers the rivalry with the Metal Maniacs to be a friendly rivalry compared to some other racers. However, that does not mean he goes easy. When he races, he intends to win without holding back. Finally, his crash left him concerned about his current skills, desperate not to lapse in them, and gave him two rules he lives by; When possible, don't leave another racer behind and never wreck another driver unless they try to wreck you or another driver first. No he does not care what other people think about his "rules". Driving wise, he considers technical racing to be a finer art focused more around skill than other types and that is why he prefers it.

His car is the Jaguar C-X16 which is later reconstructed as the Vulture. He outfit its engine with an emphasis on handling and acceleration over top speed.

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