Daniel Gallo
Daniel as a Wave Ripper.
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Power Pipes
Age 27
Status Wave Ripper
Physical attributes
Height 5' 8"
Weight 149 lb
Power pipes

Power Pipes, Daniel's car

As Dan grew up along the shores of Rhode Island, he was fascinated by water. The stuff was all around him. He could drink it, swim in it, and more. Due to this, he ditched sand castles and was on a boogie board at age 6. Quickly, he began his surfing career. But once he hit age 15, he found something more fascinating than water. He became a car addict. Not only did he collect diecasts, he custom-painted them. After he got his car, he began cruising around his state in style. A few times, he took his car out-of-state to meet up with Alex. Much later, at age 26, he pulled off a stunt that combined his two favorite things; Water, and cars. As a ferry was taking off, his car went over a nearby ramp intended to be used for a ship, and attempted to jump over the ferry. However, it all backfired when he had made a swerve. He landed face-first in the water and was left surfing on his car door. After having one year without enough money to buy a car, He finally got one when he was recruited for the World Race...