Cody Vestri
Concept by cpldixon-da7i6iz
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Impavido 1
Age 17
Status Teku
Physical attributes
Height 5' 7"
Weight 142 lb
BEST CAR!!!!!!

Cody's Lotus Exige

Cody Vestri is the newest member of the Teku. He started out as just another average person, until the Teku started their recruiting campaign. He was only 14 at the time, so driving was not an option. His father declined the invite, but Cody waited. When their family moved to Utah, Cody had turned 17. He had finally gotten his chance to race with one of the greatest street racing teams in his own mind. To start things off, since Cody had a driver's license but no car, Charles decided, like with all the new recruits, to give him one of his older cars. Cody gladly accepted his new Lotus Exige. The Teku had defeated teams such as the Streetsterz, Rally Racers, and Laser Beams, but a few months later, he took part in one of the biggest races in
Impavido 1

Impavido 1, Cody's car; and its bio

Teku history; a showdown between the Teku and their biggest rivals, the Metal Maniacs. However, the race never reached its climax. The two teams were interrupted by the Acceledrome Crew, who warned them of its urgency. Cody, The Teku, and the Metal Maniacs, watched as the Acceledrome Crew drove right through a cliff face. They were shocked when they found out they could too. They began to partake in "Racing Realms". However, after the first, Cody's Lotus Exige ended up barely working. He rebuilt it into the Impavido 1.