Cadence as a Wave Ripper
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Deora II
Age 20
Status Wave Rippers
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 197 lb

The Deora II, Cadence's car/truck.

Cadence is an extreme sports addict, thrill seeker and has a deep passion for high stakes crash sports. He is never happier than when he's burning up the Highway 35 tracks with an opponent in his sights. Not worried about winning, all he lives for is inflicting pain.

He started racing on snowmobiles and eventually made it to Formula 1 in his late-teens and he showed an aggressive nature that promised potentiality, but because he was in it for the crashes, Cadence was eventually released from Japanese Formula 3 and was forced onto the Wave Rippers.  

A sullen, unfriendly character, Cadence doesn’t like a lot of people, but he likes hurting people a lot... Every since he was a kid, racing snow-mobiles with his ‘friends’, he got the biggest kicks not from winning, but injuring somebody – even himself.

By the time he was a teenager, he was an thrill seeker – always pursuing extreme sports to their most dangerous levels, and never happy unless he was in pain, or hurting somebody else. His motor sport career started at 16 in Formula 2000, before moving onto touring cars and the Italian F3 championship – even then his reputation as a racing liability was burgeoning. Too may crashes marred an aggressive talent, and by the end of the season he was told to move on… Next came Japanese Formula 3, but he was dropped by his team for causing four consecutive first corner pile-ups – and getting a kick out of them all.

For every racer, your biggest rival is your team-mate, and this holds true for Cadence. He isn’t happy unless he’s beaten team-mate Daniel Gallo, or hurt him badly. As for the other Wave Rippers, he couldn't care less about what happens to them. His greatest rival, however, is Jared Crane. When Cadence first met him he knew that Crane was the perfect target and Cadence sabotaged his car – and Crane, always one to bear a grudge, isn’t going go down without a fight.


  • Cadence hadn't had a greatest fear up until he met Jason Walker.
  • Cadence finished 5th in the Volcanic Leg, 21st in the Jungle Leg, and 22nd in the Desert Leg.
  • Cadence despises heavy metal, as seen in The Greatest Challenge.