CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd
Dune Ratz Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Krazy 8's
Age 31
Status Dune Ratz
Physical attributes
Height 6' 4"
Weight 208 lb
Krazy 8s

Krazy 8's, Speed Demon's car

A Bronx native, CJ's goal as a child was to become a policeman and help out New York. When he got his driver's license however, that dream quickly died as he entered NYC Street Racing rings, gaining notoriety as "The Speed Demon", and was quite infamous among police officers for wrecking various cars of theirs. Eventually being king of the underground scene, CJ's desire for leadership came true when he bought a customized Dodge Viper - leading a team of his own. By the time he was arrested, Tezla contacted him to be in the World Race. Quickly jumping at the opportunity to avoid jail time, he was chosen as the leader of the rowdy Dune Ratz. Making his mark on the entire competition - especially becoming rivals with the Wave Rippers and Street Breed -, all he wants is to win the million dollar cash prize in order to use it as bail money in case he returns to the street racing scene. Knowing his intentions and past, you can obviously predict what'll happen next.