Brian "Bomber" Hall
Dune Ratz Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Toyota RSC
Age 35
Status Dune Ratz
Physical attributes
Height 6' 1"
Weight 167 lb

The Toyota RSC, Bomber's car.

Brian didn't want to be in this race. He was only in it for the extreme stunts and crashes he could create.... along with the money. Brian "Bomber" Hall is more of a kamikaze. He's not for driving unless paid. He once tried to win a world record for "Most epic stunts pulled by someone named Bomber", only to find it wasn't a real record. After Bomber was 29 years old, he ditched driving for a couple of years... until he ended up getting recruited for the World Race, and was forced onto the Dune Ratz. With a partner in crime, "The Speed Demon", Brian knew that he'd be giving the other drivers a run for their money; literally.


  • Brian placed 29th in the Jungle Leg, and 16th in the Desert Leg.
  • Brian is afraid of being tricked or mislead.