This is a list of background characters that appear throughout the Roleplays. Due to lack of info, they will be posted on this page.

Highway 35 Edit

This is a list of background characters within the Highway 35 Roleplay.

Buck Bagwell Edit

Buck Bagwell was a driver in the NASCAR Whelen Modified series. When one of Carl's tires burst, he rammed into Buck, which caused a chain reaction resulting in a crash including Mur.

The Adrijan family Edit

When Kusuma was invited to participate in the World Race, the younger members of his family cheered him on. Not much is known about the family, but Agata ended up participating as another Roadbeast.

Darrel Vinter Edit

Darrel was recruited to be on the Roadbeasts team to drive Zotic, but before he could get in the car, Tom Ayton punched him in the back of the head, and left him laying on the hard pavement of the street.

Thomas Edit

Thomas is a friend of Sai Yukimura. He was the one who told Sai about the Corvette Stingray being parked in the hotel, and convinced him to join the World Race.

Gargulio Edit

Pronounced Gar-Geel-leo, he is a friend of Crowley. The two were at a firing range when Crowley found Mega-Duty to be recruited for the World Race.

Jake's ParentsEdit

The parents of Jake Richards and they live with Jake.

Manny Edit

The person which Toby sold most of his drugs to before he was almost caught by the police.

Jared's Parents and SisterEdit

Jared Crane's family had left Iceland about 10 years ago to immigrate to America. Jared's parents had passed away 2 years ago, and after the world race, Jared intends to re-unite with his sister.

Henry SchmittEdit

The father of Thomas Schmitt, General Of FBI squadron 452. Came to the 4th Cube to arrest Toby Boyle