Alexander "Alex" Hysannes
Wave Rippers Male Silhouette
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Backdraft
Age 23
Status Wave Rippers
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2"
Weight 174 lb

Backdraft, Alex's car

The former surfer turned street racer native of Galveston, Texas, Alex's overall thrill of both the ocean and speed itself resulted him receiving a strange "gift" - which happened to be the Wave Ripper car Backdraft. Finding the directions to one of Tezla's Cubes, he found himself in the midst of various competition, ranging from his team leader Cadence to Adam "Accel" Carter, who just so happens to be his friend and rival on Street Breed. His friendly rivalry with Accel has resulted in the Wave Rippers losing some important races - but that won't let Alex stop from chasing the million dollar reward, no matter who he happens to wreck in the process.

World Race Edit

Arrival & Volcanic Leg Edit

Alex first found himself in the midst of the World Race when he discovered a set of keys laying on his counter, which turned out to be that of his gifted car, Backdraft. After listening to Dr. Peter Tezla's statement given to the other, fellow World Race drivers, he drove off from Galveston and through Houston to the middle of the desert where he found Tezla's Cube. There he met the other drivers, as well as CJ "Speed Demon" Lloyd, a man who also seemed to know Alex well. While everyone else either argued or got to know each other, Alex was intrigued by and checked out what surprises Backdraft had in store for him.

Before he could thoroughly check the car, he re-encountered a friend from a while back: Adam Carter. Afterwards, he was one of the Wave Rippers testing out the jump jets (or "booster surfers" as he called it). After dealing a bet with Kusuma for $62,500 in cash if the Wave Rippers won the World Race, he lined up and entered the strange dimesion of the Volcanic Leg. Taking notice of the vibrant sky and rocks for a moment, Hysannes returned to the task at hand. He nearly fell into the lava below after ignoring the jump ahead, and barely managed to return in time. Noticing CJ try (and fail) at the loop, Alex figures out his own way to get past it, and manages to half-pipe the loop, picking enough speed to make the jump - and get to the lead.

However, that doesn't last for long as Backdraft crashes and lands off the track. Eventually getting rescued by Mur, Alex continued on his way through the track. Later, he catches up to CJ but is blocked during each attempt at a pass he gets. After a mysterious black car causes an explosion on-track causing lava to spill over, Alex attempts a jump using the jump jets, only for them to fail on him and for his car to be stuck in danger of getting destroyed. Fortunately, both himself and Backdraft manage to escape in one piece (thanks to assistance from Thomas and Adam). He would go on to finish 6th.

The Greatest Challenge Edit

After team leaders were chosen by Tezla, Alex was given the responsibility of recruiting new drivers. He managed to find one in Gaige. Nearly being run over by the recently recruited Dune Ratz driver Noah, Alex then spots an approaching Vulture, this time being shoved out of the way by CJ. After going full on wrestling fan for a moment, their little planned match between drivers was interrupted by an also arriving Greg Takanoya. Striking up a conversation with the new recruits at the streetlight, Alex enters the second leg next to CJ, trading positions with him while chaos occurs behind. Ahead of him, CJ panicked due to Tom Ayton attempting to "mow" his car, and Alex used his jump jets to avoid the wreck that was happening at the moment. However, CJ passes him as some point and Alex is forced to play catch up with him and the leaders.

Later - after completing a jump and some spirals -, he notices that someone on radar went off course. Discovering a purple tracked shortcut, he drives onto it and is soon enough followed by a variety of drivers. As he approaches a bridge, he notices the same black car from the last realm, making a comparison to Sling Shot - Adam's car, which he shrugs off. When he reaches the bridge in question, he activates his jump jets and manages to complete the jump over the gorge. Afterwards, he approaches a strange, Acceleron wheel. Alex then manages to complete the jump, barely getting by. Like the leg before, however, Backdraft flies off the track. Alex manages to recover and land it back on track. After some close quarter racing, Alex ties with Agata, ending the Jungle Leg.

Bad Luck & Desert Leg Edit

Alex repairs Backdraft back into a suitable condition after the near-crash in the jungle leg. Deciding to play a game with the other drivers, he doesn't really open up much about his past - especially with CJ. The next day, Alex enters the third leg of the World Race, and enters near the back and lands in sand. Figuring out a way to use the jump jets to their advantage, he and his teammates manage to cruise to the track where they continue on. Noticing the big air t-rex jump ahead, Alex goes for it... and crashes in the sand. However, he manages to use both his nitrox and jump jets to get back onto the track, albeit later in the race for him.

Later, he finds a mysterious, flat wheel, and takes it, assuming that it's the Wheel of Power. Locking it in the place of the car's surfboard, Alex continues on - unknowingly being chased by Zed-36. After being rammed, the two u-turn and go in hot pursuit of the wheel. Eventually, the two cars wreck out, and both drivers run out and get into a fight, during which Zed-36 is revealed to be Adam. After small talk and musing, the two get into a fistfight which ends up with Alex finishing ahead of Adam in the race.

Ice Leg & Endgame Edit

Alex, CJ, Greg, Carson, and Noah are all relaxing at the Cube as the former repairs Backdraft once again, unsure of what the next realm will be. After getting caught up with what was happening with Toby, he lined up with his team and entered the final leg. Before they could take off, however, does CJ speed off after a group of black cars and Adam's car (unknowingly to him). This sets off a chain reaction which causes the drivers to enter the realm earlier than anticipated - and for Greg to miss the jump.

Entering the ice dimesion, Alex enters around the same time with Noah and Carson. Nearly getting caught up in a wreck between Cadence and Jared, he comes upon a spiral, which he uses the jump jets to get through, copying another driver's strategy. (To Be Continued/Added)