Agata Adrijan
Better Agata image
Agata As A Roadbeast
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Power Pistons
Age 20
Status Roadbeasts
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10"
Weight 168 lb
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Power Pistons: Agata's Car

From Puerto Rico, Agata Adrijan is the younger sister of her older brother Kusuma Adrijan. She runs a mechanic shop in San Juan near her home. She was born with only Kusuma raising her as a young child. Her life growing up was not easy and her family ran into finance issues a few times avoiding the IRS many times. Agata is very smart and has learned a lot from Kusuma. She never knew her parents as she was adopted at a young age. She has a very arrogant attitude and wants to win the race as much as Kusuma for the prize money to pay off the IRS and money for food and many survival needs. They often race together and team up to help. After talking to Grim, Kusuma convinced him to recruit her for the World Race.


  • Agata has a crush for Hephaestus because of their similar jobs and interests.
  • Agata's biggest fear is weapons and guns.