Adam "Accel" Carter
Accel as a Street Breed
Vital statistics
Position Driver of Sling Shot
Age 24
Status Street Breed
Physical attributes
Height 5' 4"
Weight 121 lb
Sling Shot

Sling Shot, Accel's car.

Adam "Accel" Carter, before he was recruited for the World Race, was still obsessed with racing. As soon as he got his driver's license he bought a Toyota Camry and had it custom-painted purple. He eventually got obsessed with racing for himself. This dream came true when he discovered the Teku street racing group. He was only in the group for a few months before he was recruited for Tezla for the World Race. Throughout the race he clearly didn't trust Tezla. Speaking of trust, the three he trusts the most are Thomas Schmitt, Ylva Tavast and Alexander Hysannes. While Accel had known Alex for several years before the World Race, he met Thomas here and quickly warmed up to his quirky but friendly personality. Throughout the races he discovered more about the Street Breed team that he lead. Murchadh Dokke was more of a serious guy, Alex Lar was kind of a newbie, "Quiet Lee" was silent for a reason, Greg Takanoya... existed, Sebastien was close to retirement although his personality would make him seem like he'd have several more races to go, and Ylva on the other hand he'd known for a while. Although he was far different than his teammates, he all had a lot in common. Some things... he regrets. On his way he was picked up by Gelorum's helicopter and hired as the agent Zed-36. He was unwilling to work after the Jungle Leg, and was forced into desperation to find the Wheel of Power so he could quit his job... enough to fight against Alex in a battle for the Wheel of Power. While others saw him as a villain, he knew he wasn't an antagonist... He had done several good actions rather than villainous. He was the only reason Toby Boyle was captured and Thomas escaped the Desert Leg with his life. However, he wasn't exposed as Zed-36 until far later. (To be updated as the RP progresses)