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• 2/4/2017

The Ninja Realms RP

Introducing the stupidest Acceleracers-related RP in the history of man!

Back when George Washington was still alive, he created the Ninja Realms. Realms based off of the Acceleron’s Racing Realms, they were forgotten after they were declared too difficult. Most of the Ninja Realms are new realms, but some of them are Racing Realms made harder, having all the card game hazards. To enter these realms you will be teleporrted to another dimension with a single straight track. There will be a portal at the end of the track that you must drive through. The new Ninja Realms are the Jungle Realm, Fire Realm, Black Hole Realm, Sand Realm,  Tornado Realm,  Sonic Realm, Rock Realm, Prairie Realm, Metal Realm, Space Realm, and Danger Realm. George Washington made the Danger Realm the day before he died. Some returning realms are the Storm Realm, Swamp Realm, Lava Realm, Water Realm, Ice Realm, Cosmic Realm, Forest Realm, Solar Realm, and Blizzard Realm. Instead of winning accelechargers you get Power Rings. After you beat all 20 Ninja Realms you go through into a Realm War, which is all the realms combined.   You have to fight other drivers in a deathmatch and collect all the rings. After that, you have to race against George Washington’s ghost in the end of the Realm War. If you win, you can create another Ninja Realm or go back to your old dimension.

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Racing Team (First three will be accepted):


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• 2/4/2017

Name: Racer Superspeed

Age: 19

Personality: Cool, fast

Racing Team (First three will be accepted): Speedstarz [Green and blue]

Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse that gets rebuilt into Reverb

• 2/14/2017

Name: James "Dragoon" Billington

Age: 33

Personality: Charismatic, brainy

Racing Team (First three will be accepted): Viginia Rangers (Totally based on 1765 horse racers) [Brown and a random secondary color]

Car: Nissan Altima that will be rebuilt into a brown and blue Horseplay

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